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My happiness is mine, and their happiness is theirs

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Following recent circumstances and one rainy weekend immersed within the 'romance' section on Netflix, I've found myself thinking a lot about love and loss.

I've not had the best of luck when it comes to love and I've more often then not been on the receiving end of a break up.

Looking back, when faced with the person I (supposedly) loved not feeling the same way, all I thought about was what I was losing. How I would feel if they left.

When relationships come to an end - especially if you don't want it to - we seem to become selfish.

We think about the way we're feeling and what we're losing.

As well as one too many rom-coms I also recently witnessed a breakup within my extended family.

Listening to others reactions and opinions really made me see things differently.

Majority of the opinions I heard were along the lines of...

"Why do people find it so easy to leave"

"You just don't do that when there are children involved!"

My younger self definitely would've agreed with this.

I remember me and my little sister when we were younger planning what we'd do if our mum and dad ever separated and met someone else. Our plans were awful - we'd clearly watched the parent trap far too many times.

But now, I see things differently...

Whether you have a family or not. Whether children are involved or not; a relationship is still the combination of two individual people.

Two minds, two hearts, two sets of feelings. 

Just because you're a member of a family it doesn't mean you lose all sense of yourself and it certainly doesn't mean you need to sacrifice your feelings.

I totally understand that a break up will involve a lot of anger and hurt - especially when the decision is one sided. But what about how that person will feel if they stay?

A relationship should be positive. It should be something that adds to your life. It should make a positive impact. If ever it stops making you happy or begins to impact your life negatively then it is okay to leave.

Although break ups will always be difficult and upsetting, if ever I find myself on the receiving end of  another break up I think that now, maybe id see it differently.

My happiness is mine and their happiness is theirs.

Find what makes you happy and never be scared to say goodbye to the things that no longer do that.

Life Update: I moved to Bournemouth!!

Monday, 9 November 2015

Since my last post back in August my blog has been very much neglected; consisting of half finished drafts and half hearted posts that found themselves being binned just hours after completion. 

Yes i've been shit and lazy but i've also been really really busy.

Way back in February, in my first ever blog post, I mentioned an upcoming interview for the arts university Bournemouth. 600 people applied for my course and with only 60 places available I attended my interview doubtful i'd be considered.

I obviously did something right as at the end of August  I was offered a place and on the 7th of September I made the move down to Bournemouth. 

The first month was crazy. I was busy constantly, either spending time with new friends or exploring my new home and then came freshers. It was the most amazing experience but oh my god anyone doubting freshers flu as an actual thing - its so real and it feels like death. 

Late september I started my actual course - receiving my makeup kit was the best part of the whole thing. Its amazing! I'm thinking about creating a post about my kit and the products within so let me know if thats something you'd like to see!

I'm studying makeup for media and performance and as well as providing us with the necessary skills  the course also aims to prepare us for industry, the hours and the pressure that comes with it. Most weeks I'm uni 9:30 - 4:30 five days a week - and then after uni I spend the entire evening writing up my work and completing any work we've been given to do at home. 

I've been here for just over two months now and as things are settling down I want to get back into my blog. I never wanted to stop I just really didn't have the time to create content that was good enough to put out there.

Thank you for bearing with me! 

See you all soon x

Carsten Höller: Decision

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Path A or B? 

Entering into the Hayward Gallery you're presented with your first decision

As you step into your chosen pathway you also step into complete darkness.

With your dependance on sight entirely removed, you instead rely on sound and touch.

Höller created the tunnels to prolong the transition from your world outside of the gallery to the world he has created for you inside.

A world that persistently plays with your perception and forces you to explore the way in which you make decisions. 

The entire thing made me feel like i'd fallen right into an Alice in Wonderland book.

Emerging from the tunnels you find Mushrooms... giant flying mushrooms.

For me, the idea of 'flying' mushrooms seems to relate to the well known hallucinogenic properties some mushrooms are known to possess.

Placing the 'flying' mushrooms at the very start of the exhibition could not have been more appropriate.

Moving through the exhibition, the deeper you explore, the more scenarios that play with your perception, the more you feel as though magic mushrooms are more of a reality for you then Höllers' installation alone. 

Moving into the next room you'll find pills being dropped from the ceiling one by one, collecting in a pile below.

It's here you're met with your second decision - Do you take a pill without knowing its contents or do you place it back onto the pile? 

Personally, I popped it into my pocket and completely forget about it. 

Moving through the gallery you come to a large room, empty besides two beds.

The beds roam around the lower floor of the gallery.

 You can actually book to sleep in these overnight.

The idea is that it creates an uncertainty. The sleeper cannot guarantee that they'll wake in the same place the fell asleep. 

At the other end of this room you'll find 'the forests' 

You experience the 'forests' through a dual screen 3D headset.

You begin by journeying through a forest at night, walking until you reach a tree in the middle of your path.

Here, your screen splits. One eye moves around the right of the tree, the other moves around to the left.

Höller is experimenting with the ability to see two things at once.

Safe to say this left my head feeling a little fuzzy.

Moving upstairs up you're handed a pair of complex looking googles and taken outside.

The googles quite literally turn your world upside down.

The googles hold a mirrored lens to invert your vision... leading to the most hilarious experience.

It is so hard to keep your balance when everything is upside down.

As you move back inside you discover the source of the dripping pills...

A giant dice...

and two very plump looking snakes.

Leaving the room you find yourself outside once more.

This time you'll find the flying machines.

High above Waterloo Bridge you experience the sensation of flying above the city.

Unfortunately this was the only negative from the entire experience.

The que for this installation was well over an hour and as I had a hospital appointment we were unfortunately unable to experience this part of the day.

Maybe it would have worked better if each group were given a particular time to go to this part of the exhibition. It looked amazing I'm just disappointed we didn't get to try it out. 

Moving through to the next room you walk between two rows of TV's featuring twins facing one another. As you make your way between the screens the individuals speak. Each time a contradictory statement to their opposite. 

It is here you enter into the final room.

And it is in this room that you're asked to take the gallery exit.

The exhibition was so enjoyable and definitely worth a visit.

It's at the Hayward Gallery at Londons' Southbank centre until the 6th of September.

You can book your tickets to the exhibition here and if you're interested in spending a night in the roaming beds you can book those here.

Let me know if you've been and what you thought of the experience!

Dinner in Mylos

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Upon a tiny terrace looking out across the ocean sits Mylos - A stunning restaurant offering the undeniable charm of a traditional Greek kitchen; infused with an unmistakable modern flare.

As we settled into our seats, we were presented with an array of breads and dips, compliments of the chef. 
Whilst savouring every bite, we began to assess the abundance of options presented to us.

Mylos is actually situated within the same complex as the Atlantica Imperial Resort and Spa (you can read more about the hotel here.) 

As our stay was all inclusive we were given one meal at Mylos at no additional cost however; each course on the menu is divided into two sections. One section containing dishes at no cost for those staying 'all inclusive', the second section containing dishes you can enjoy at an additional cost.

Paying customers can obviously chose from either section and the prices are listed beside each item. 

For our starter we enjoyed Stuffed Vegetables - the filling a mixture of wild rice, greek sausage and bacon served with a tomato sauce... 

and a bed of lettuce topped with cheese mousse, sweet potato, roast peaches and a strawberry vignette. 

Both were absolutely beautiful. 

For our main we ordered baked cod served with wild rice, sweet potato chips, mussels, pea puree and  mixed vegetables... 

and roast lamb cutlet served with roast potatoes, stuffed tomato and mixed veg. 

I have such a massive sweet tooth and even if I'm fit to burst I always order a dessert.

 I've always said I'd rather sacrifice my starter and main and replace them with additional desserts so you can imagine how important the last course was for me!

It did not disappoint!

Rice pudding brûlée, with cinnamon ice cream.

The dreamiest dessert i've ever had.

My favourite comfort foods and flavours combined together to create this little glass of joy.

We sampled dishes from both the "free" all inclusive menu and the paid menu. There was no competition. Both were of equal quality, flavour and presentation.

If you find yourself in Rhodes or happen to be staying at the Atlantica Imperial make sure you book to experience Mylos.

Oh! and if anybody knows where I can find cinnamon ice cream here in the UK please point me in the right direction... it was amaaaazing.

Exploring Rhodes and Lindos

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Ask anybody to describe Greece and I guarantee their vision encompasses white wash walls, winding cobbled streets and pinterest friendly scenery. 

For me, Rhodes wasn't like this. 

There was the odd building that fitted perfectly amongst my pinterest induced fantasies but mostly, its appearance echoed every other town and holiday complex I had visited before. 

Our hotel (you can read all about it here) was based in Kolymbia. A fairly discreet, very tiny coastal resort. There was a cocktail bar, the odd tourist shop and hotels.

Kolymbia was also home to a tiny harbour. A harbour which housed one of the few buildings in Rhodes that satisfied all my idealised imaginings of everything Greek. 

It took us around 10 minutes to reach the Harbour and in spite of the heat we were ready to explore. 

As we ambled up various hidden pathways we were greeted with the prettiest views.

Sat above the harbour was this tiny church. This was one of the few buildings that ticked all my pre-conceived boxes of how Greece looked. 

Another day we ventured into Rhodes old town. It took around 30 minutes to reach by bus. 

Rhodes old town is beautiful but completely unlike the Greece that is romanticised. 

 It is a medieval town full of charming cobbled streets...

Traditional Greek Tavernas...

And beautiful architecture.

The town remains inside the original city walls and is bustling with activity. 

There are souvenir stores, market stalls, restaurants, bars and street entertainers.

Despite being far from what I expected from Greece I completely fell in love with the charm of this town.

The last town we visited was Lindos. This took around 15 minutes by bus.

Sitting above Lindos town lies an Acropolis. 

The walk to the top of the Acropolis in the midday heat was unbearable but reaching the top and seeing the stunning views offered from every angle.. well, suddenly the uncomfortable walk made perfect sense. 

Pulling ourselves away from the picturesque  views we made our way into Lindos. 

Lindos was completely different to Rhodes and was everything I expected from Greece.

Whitewash walls, blue detailing, winding cobbled streets... 

Completely enchanted by a town that brought my Pinterest boards to life, I forgot to take photos (yep, officially the worst blogger ever) Sorry!

The town was  stunning, made up of tiny shops offering local products, fresh juices, gelato and slush puppies. Not only was I living inside a pinterest board I was also able to relive my childhood.

Rhodes old town and Lindos were both beautiful towns and definitely worth a visit! 

I cant wait to discover more of Greece - Mykonos and Santorini are currently top of my travel list.

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