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She believed she could so she did

Thursday, 26 February 2015

While growing up I always expected to hit 18 knowing exactly what it was I wanted from life.
Childhood naivety, ambition, enforced ideals. Call it what you will; but 6 months after my 18th birthday I still had no clue. I was surrounded by people who knew exactly what they wanted, what degree they wanted to study and what city they wanted to study in. When I looked through the university brochures, I saw about 10 courses I wanted to study, 3 cities I wanted to live in and I just felt more confused than ever. How, at the age of 18 was I expected to choose one course that would leave me £55,000 in debt and limit my career for the next 40 years to one specific area? 

I was completely lost.

September came around, friends moved, settling into their new lives in their new cities preparing for their careers. And me? I stayed in the same place, doing the same job I hated.

I spent the following year trying to find my purpose, what it was I wanted to do, what it was I was supposed to be doing. It was in this year that I met a makeup artist working within the film industry. With every story I was told and every image I was shown everything became a little clearer. This was what I wanted.

I remember telling family that I wanted to study makeup and being told that I always live with my head in the clouds. They will always be 100% supportive of my decisions, but an academic career choice was definitely encouraged initially in the belief that it would give me a more certain future. 

Fortunately, when I’m told I can’t it makes me even more determined to prove that I can.

In September 2014 I enrolled in college and began studying theatrical, special effects and media makeup. The course finishes in September but so far, it’s all going well and most importantly I feel like I’m in exactly the right place.

 I finally felt ready to take on the £55,000 worth of debt for my future career so I applied to university. I have an interview on the 18th March so I’m working like crazy getting everything ready. But, if that’s where I’m supposed to be next year then it’ll all work itself out.

While studying as a makeup artist my blog is a place for me to keep up with industry standards while keeping track of the products I love and the things that weren't so great. And considering I’m just starting to figure out who I am, what I believe in and the kind of life I want to lead it’s also going to be a place for my crazy ideas, my 2am thoughts and my favourite memories.

So, here’s to finding myself with my head still firmly in the clouds.

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