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The Body Shop Chamomile cleansing butter

Monday, 4 May 2015

Having sensitive skin made things really difficult for me when trying to establish some sort of cleansing routine.

 For years, I didn't have one. 

I had no idea what skin type I was, no idea which products were suitable and I often just grabbed a cleanser I'd seen advertised on TV based on how the models skin looked.

Unfortunately about two years ago I decided to have the contraceptive injection. The BIGGEST mistake of my life. I gained 1.5 stone and developed acne - something I had never had a problem with before. 

Even though I'd had no idea how to look after my skin I was lucky enough to have always had clear skin so these sudden changes really knocked my confidence. 

I decided that despite the cause being hormone related I needed to start looking after my skin and the first step for me in developing some sort of routine was finding a cleanser.

I purchased the Chamomile Cleansing butter from the body shop with the mindset that the chamomile would soothe my sensitive skin and the acne I was experiencing at the time.

I was blown away by this product.

The cleansing balm is so creamy and the tiniest amount cleanses a full face of make-up. I use a pea sized amount and then remove it with a muslin cloth and warm water. This is the first product that I'd tried that didn't cause a break out or a flare up. 

I actually have combination skin and this moisturises so well without causing excess oil across my t-zone and at £12 for a tin that lasts me around 1.5 months its such a bargain.

My acne didn't clear entirely until I had treatment from the GP, but this cleanser definitely helped manage my breakouts. I no longer have any problems with acne but I still use this cleanser daily and I'm really lucky not to of had a single spot for about 2 months now.

This is a product I rely on everyday and continually go back to month after month. 

I do use a few different products each evening within my cleansing routine - something I'm likely to do a more in depth post about in the future - but this is something I have to have with me wherever I am.

You can find the chamomile cleansing butter here

Let me know if there are any products that have saved your skin!

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