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Dinner in Mylos

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Upon a tiny terrace looking out across the ocean sits Mylos - A stunning restaurant offering the undeniable charm of a traditional Greek kitchen; infused with an unmistakable modern flare.

As we settled into our seats, we were presented with an array of breads and dips, compliments of the chef. 
Whilst savouring every bite, we began to assess the abundance of options presented to us.

Mylos is actually situated within the same complex as the Atlantica Imperial Resort and Spa (you can read more about the hotel here.) 

As our stay was all inclusive we were given one meal at Mylos at no additional cost however; each course on the menu is divided into two sections. One section containing dishes at no cost for those staying 'all inclusive', the second section containing dishes you can enjoy at an additional cost.

Paying customers can obviously chose from either section and the prices are listed beside each item. 

For our starter we enjoyed Stuffed Vegetables - the filling a mixture of wild rice, greek sausage and bacon served with a tomato sauce... 

and a bed of lettuce topped with cheese mousse, sweet potato, roast peaches and a strawberry vignette. 

Both were absolutely beautiful. 

For our main we ordered baked cod served with wild rice, sweet potato chips, mussels, pea puree and  mixed vegetables... 

and roast lamb cutlet served with roast potatoes, stuffed tomato and mixed veg. 

I have such a massive sweet tooth and even if I'm fit to burst I always order a dessert.

 I've always said I'd rather sacrifice my starter and main and replace them with additional desserts so you can imagine how important the last course was for me!

It did not disappoint!

Rice pudding brûlée, with cinnamon ice cream.

The dreamiest dessert i've ever had.

My favourite comfort foods and flavours combined together to create this little glass of joy.

We sampled dishes from both the "free" all inclusive menu and the paid menu. There was no competition. Both were of equal quality, flavour and presentation.

If you find yourself in Rhodes or happen to be staying at the Atlantica Imperial make sure you book to experience Mylos.

Oh! and if anybody knows where I can find cinnamon ice cream here in the UK please point me in the right direction... it was amaaaazing.

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