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24 Week Pregnancy Update!

Thursday, 22 December 2016

So at 26 weeks Im finally getting around to posting my 24 week update...

So much has changed since my last post which is why i've been so shit and absent again!

After falling pregnant unexpectedly and having to defer my 2nd year of university I didnt have a secure or reliable job. I was working as a carer for an agency and as soon as they found out I was pregnant they decided that there were no longer shifts available for me.

I started applying for jobs and have secured a permanent position that I start training for in January, how i managed it at 6 months pregnant i have no idea but I'm so happy!

Until I start my training i've taken on a full time retail position just for the Christmas period which is crazy but as long as I know I'm earning money and securing a future for our little boy then I don't care how crazy it is.

How I'm Feeling...

I'm really really tired but I think thats because i've been working such long hours. Other than that, most days I feel completely fine.


The pain in my sciatic nerve has continued on and off and i think the fact I'm on my feet for 8hrs a day whilst working probably isn't helping the problem!

For the last week or so I've had such bad heartburn! Gaviscon is my best friend right now. Ive also starting becoming really uncomfortable in the evenings particularly around my ribs which makes moving around really difficult and uncomfortable!

How I'm changing...

I have such a neat little bump now which I absolutely love!

Still no stretch marks on my bump, the only new ones I have are a couple around the back of my knees.


Im still sleeping well, although I'm feeling exhausted as soon as I wake up. I've started sleeping with a pregnancy pillow and Its made things 10x more comfortable! Although those regular trips to pee are still as annoying and as frequent as before!


I can feel movement throughout most of the day now! The kicks are so strong and I can now see my belly moving as he moves which is so surreal!


So over the last week or so Ive been craving sponges and flannels. I run them under the tap and suck the water out of them.. Its so weird and I have no idea why Im craving it!


Dior Sauvage is still the only aversion I have and working on a fragrance counter over Christmas has definitely put the strength of my stomach to the test!

Looking forward too...

Now we have a little more stability financially Im really looking forward to us getting everything ready for his nursery here, and then next year, a little sooner than we thought, moving into our own little home!

Ive finally got a list of the last few (I say few, the list is huuuge!) things we need to get and I can't wait to slowly start crossing them off bit by bit!

20 week update and gender reveal

Sunday, 13 November 2016

So today i'm 21 weeks +1 and last week we found out we're having a little boy!! 

Throughout my first trimester I was adamant I was having a boy but over the last few weeks this changed and I was convinced we'd be having a little girl. I wasn't even looking at boys clothes! I'd always said that as long as our baby was happy I'd be happy no matter what, but its still taken some time to get used to the fact i'd be having a boy.

Ant was desperate for a boy as soon as we found out I was pregnant so he's over the moon and with me being one of four girls my family are so excited to finally have a little boy in the mix!

We're currently under the Foetal Medicine Unit due to my past medical history but so far everything is perfectly healthy!

 Our boy decided to be a little wriggler during our anomaly scan so we're back in next week to monitor his growth and to finish looking at his heart as she wasn't able to get an in depth look due to his position, although we were told that at a glance, everything appeared to be normal!

How I'm feeling...

For the last 3 weeks I've felt great! I have far more energy and all of the symptoms I experienced within my first trimester have disappeared. 


I've been experiencing pain in my hips along with pain in my sciatic nerve. 

I've also been experienceing frequent headaches. From weeks 13-15 I was experiencing them almost every day and paracetamol wasn't helping to ease the pain at all. They're far more occasional now but are still pretty intense when they do decide to make an appearance. 

Although fairly normal with a growing bump i've been experiencing both sharp and cramping pains in my stomach. I've been reassured the pain is due to my ligaments stretching as my bump grows but I definitely underestimated how frequently i'd experience the pains.

How I'm changing...

I definitely have a neat little bump now but the size fluctuates day to day. Some days I do just look a little bloated, other days I feel huge! When the bump is more noticeable my tummy can be pretty uncomfortable.

So far I've been fairly lucky and haven't found any new stretch marks since the first trimester. The ones I do have sit on my hips and at the very top of my thighs!


 I'm still sleeping relatively well although I'm waking frequently throughout the night to pee! My stomach is starting to feel a little uncomfortable when I lie on my side and I keep throwing my leg over ant to help lift my belly a little so I'm in desperate need of a pregnancy pillow now. 


I experienced a couple of ripples quite early on but was a little unsure as to whether they were movements. They gradually increased and now Im feeling a lot of movement and little kicks. He seems to be getting stronger every day and this evening Ant was able to feel him kick for the first time which I was so desperate for him to experience!


Orange has been one of my only cravings so far, particularly Fanta. Although the craving has eased a little now, at one point Ant was having to take a nightly trip to McDonalds to buy me two large Fantas' to drink before I went to bed. 


The only smell that still repulses me is Dior Sauvage. Ant has had to ditch his permanently and if I walk past anyone wearing it in public it makes me sick almost instantly. 

Looking forward to...

The thing I'm looking forward to the most is organising a room for our little boy. At the moment we're still with Ants mum so we're going to begin preparing a room for him here however, early next year we're hoping to be in a position that means we'll be able to get our own little home in which case, we'll be decorating all over again to give him a permanent bedroom!

I think I'm planning on doing pregnancy updates every 4 weeks with a couple of 'normal' posts dotted in between (I really am going to try to not abandon this little space again) so hopefully, I will see you then for some more baby news! 

My First Trimester

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Once again I've been a little absent from my blog and yes, once again I have an excuse but this one is a little more exciting and a whole lot more life changing.


I'm actually writing this at 20 weeks but now everything has settled I thought it was about time I stopped neglecting my little piece of the internet and attempted a little catch up to bring everything up to date.

For us, having a baby was definitely not planned. I had just finished my first year at University and was preparing to move back to Bournemouth for my second and Ant and I, despite knowing each other for 10 years, had only been together for 7 months.

My cycle has always been a little crazy so although I was a week late I didn't really suspect anything until one evening I randomly began being sick despite not feeling unwell.

We took a trip to Tesco and headed home to do the test.

Ant sat in the corner giggling, thinking I was stupid for even considering that I might be pregnant.

I didn't know tests could respond as instantly as ours did...

Pregnant 3+ weeks.

I honestly don't think I've ever used the word fuck as much as I did in that moment and me bursting into tears pretty much confirmed the result to Ant and I honestly don't think I've ever seen him that excited.

The next few hours were a bit of a blur as we sat our families down to tell them the news not knowing how they'd react... They were so bloody excited and supportive and I don't think we could've asked for a more positive reaction.

The following week I went to see my Gp who estimated I was already around 2 months pregnant. I was already halfway through my first trimester!? How the fuck hadn't we realised sooner!?

Ive recently had my 12 week scan and our official due date is the 25th March 2017

For me, the first trimester was bittersweet.

How I was feeling...

Honestly, I always imagined that I'd love being pregnant but I was hating every second. I was constantly exhausted and feeling unwell but I also found myself feeling quite down. I knew I wanted this baby more than anything but I was struggling to get excited and I was constantly doubting whether I could do this. Thankfully, at the end of the first trimester these feelings began to subside and now Im so excited to meet our little person!


I was in hospital twice for abdominal pain and bleeding and neither time was I or our baby checked. We were simply advised that if it was the start of a miscarriage, there was nothing they could do and that we'd soon know over the next few days. Luckily, everything was okay but I was left feeling pretty alone and unsupported.

Constant nausea and vomiting. Eventually I purchased some Sea-Band Mama Acupressure Bands which were a life saver!

Fatigue. I would sleep a full 10 hours and still wake up exhausted!

Sore breasts.

During my first trimester I also experienced dizziness. It came on in seconds and the entire room was spinning. The dizziness was so severe it caused continuous vomiting meaning I was unable to keep fluids down. We called the Gp who advised I get checked out at the hospital. They prescribed a course of tablets to stop the dizziness and ease any nausea. Within hours my symptoms had eased and so far they've not returned.

How I changed...

Towards the end of my first trimester I found I was struggling to fit in my jeans, skirts and pinafores. Ive hated not being able to wear the clothes that make me feel like me!

I had a little bump but this was magnified by the bloating I experienced so I looked quite big pretty early on.

I gained weight on my hips and at the very tops of my thighs and so Ive got a couple of stretch marks in these areas but no where else so far!


I think I slept a little too well throughout my first trimester.. sooo many naps!


I didn't feel any movements during my first trimester but I think it was too early to expect to.


I didn't really crave any particular foods but I found that salted crisps really helped ease my nausea


The smell of food, especially whilst it was being cooked made me feel nauseas and I couldn't stomach the thought of minced meat!

I think the worst aversion I experienced was the smell of Ant. I couldn't stand to be anywhere near him which he really struggled to deal with and understand. The smell of his aftershave also makes me sick so his trusty Dior Sauvage has had to go... sorrrrry!

Looking forward to...

I can't wait for us to find out whether we're having a boy of a girl! I was adamant throughout my first trimester that we were having a little boy!

Inside My Birchbox: May Edition

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

This month I finally subscribed to two beauty boxes. Glossybox (you can read my review on this months box here) and Birchbox. 

Birchbox costs £10 each month with £2.95 postage. They also offer 25% off your first box for students through My Unidays. And to top it all of they were offering a free full size Jelly Pong Pong highlighter for new subscribers - free makeup? yes please!

Just like Glossybox, Birchbox have a rewards scheme. When you review the box and the products within you earn Birchbox points, 100 points is worth £10 and they can be spent in Birchbox's online store which stocks sooo many popular makeup and beauty brands and products.

Unlike Glossybox, Birchbox has a new design every month. This months design - only revealed once you'd scratched away the top coating, kinda like a giant scratch card, and who doesn't love scratch cards - was inspired by dreams, specifically, dream holidays. Birchbox teamed up with Destinology to treat two subscribers. Two boxes this month had a secret message under the scratch coating. One, a holiday to the maldives, and the other, a holiday to Crete.

And although I didn't win a dream holiday, I did receive some pretty dreamy products

Spectrum Collections Unicorn Tears Wonder Sponge
Full Size: £4.99

So before this arrived I'd never actually used a beauty blender - I KNOW WORST MAKEUP ARTIST EVER RIGHT? My buffing brush had always done me proud and i'd never really felt the need to change things up; but, with the promise of flawless makeup and a unicorn theme (mostly the unicorn theme) I decided to give this a go. The sponge itself is super soft and doesn't absorb too much off the product as you apply. I wouldn't say I was left looking flawless but this did create a beautiful dewy base and it is definitely something I'll be integrating into my everyday makeup routine.

LOC One and Done Shadow Stick in Empress Me
Full Size: £8

LOC is Birchbox's first in-house makeup brand and I was super excited to try it out. I received a full sized product in the shade Empress Me which is a beautiful rose gold, copper tone. I am obsessed with anything and everything rose gold and was so happy to receive a shade I knew I would use. These shadow sticks promise 11 hours of creaseless, waterproof colour. The product is really pigmented and, as promised, lasts all day without budging. The only thing I did notice was that it lost its metallic finish towards the end of the day. The only difficulty I had with this product was that the staying power was a little too good and I wasn't able to blend or smudge out the edges of the product after applying. This was my favourite product in this months Birchbox and I'm sure this shadow will be making it into many of my makeup looks over the coming weeks.

Beaver Professional Hydro Nutritive Repairing Shampoo and Conditioner 
Full Size: from £11.50 

Infused with nutrients, vitamins and Amino Acids, this shampoo and conditioner aim to repair the hair. The shampoo gently opens and purifies the hair cuticles, doubles the moisturising effects for dry hair and strengthens and rebuilds damaged parts of the hair. The conditioner nourishes and strengthens the hair whilst binding moisture molecules to ensure hydration. I've tried so many shampoo and conditioners that promise wonderful things and i've seen no real difference so I didn't really know what to expect. I was amazed! My hair dried in half the time and omg it was so smooth! I have long hair with bleached ends so I am riddled with split ends but after using these products they were far less noticeable. My hair looked so healthy and I am convinced that if used over a long period then my hair would be in far better condition! This is definitely a product I will be investing in!!

Claudalie Vinosource Moisturising sorbet
Full Size: £23

With antioxidant boosting benefits and a unique gel-cream formula, this moisturiser promises to hydrate, reduce redness and instantly smooth the skin. My skin has been super sensitive recently and this has caused a lot of redness. I applied this product before bed, and when I woke the following morning I noticed that the redness was much calmer. The formula is hydrating, without causing the skin to feel oily. The only downside to this product was that it doesn't spread as much as some moisturisers I've used and I've used this twice and the tube is almost empty so even though the packaging for the sample was a decent size, the product that was actually in the packaging was not.

Kueshi Foot Care Cream 
Full Size: £12

Foot cream is a beauty product that I've never really acknowledged. 1) I hate feet, 2) Isn't that something that old people use? This cream is enriched with Sweet Almond Oil and Royal Jelly to smooth and soften as well as tea tree oil to calm and relieve. Because its something i'd never thought about using I was pretty intrigued to see the results. MY FEET WERE SO SOFT! The product absorbed so quickly and my feet felt instantly softer. I still don't think its something I would necessarily go out and purchase, but I will definitely be using this sample!

Givenchy Live Irresistible Fragrance
Full Size: from £44

As a little extra, Birchbox threw in a sample of this perfume. It such a lovely summer fragrance with top notes of juicy pineapple, heart notes of spicy rose and base notes of amber accord. Its a very fragrant scent and actually lasts all day! I love this perfume and am very tempted to purchase the full size version to add to my collection.

Jelly Pong Pong Glow Getter
Full Size: £8.95

As I subscribed to Birchbox this month I received this full sized product for free. I am obsessed with it! This lightweight gel is 80% water based and oil free meaning it won't clog your pores and its also hypoallergenic so its perfect for those with sensitive skin. The highlight this creates is beautiful! It creates a natural looking soft glow and as a highlighter obsessive, I would say this is now a firm favourite!

I've loved the products in this months Birchbox and I'm so excited to see what next month has to offer! I also created a makeup look with the products I received so head over to my instagram to give that a lil' look
Instagram: sophiemae_mua

And if you decide you'd like to subscribe to Birchbox then i've left a link for you below!

Subscribe to Birchbox here

Inside my Glossybox: May Edition

Sunday, 22 May 2016

This month I signed up to two beauty box schemes, Glossybox being one of them.

I found that as a student, through 'my unidays' I was able to get 30% off my first two boxes. At full price a Glossybox costs £10 each month plus £3.25 postage and packaging.

Glossybox also have a rewards scheme. Each time you receive a box, you're invited to review the products inside and for each review completed glossydots are earnt. Every 1000 glossydots earnt, you receive a glossybox for free. I've just reviewed my first box and received 120 points.

This month I received my very first box. Having signed up on the 12th May I received my box on the 17th. Delivery was much quicker than I expected!

This months box actually had a collectors edition design. For this, Glossybox teamed up with the illustrators at 'OMY studio'. Four cities were selected; London, Paris, New York and Berlin and each city was imagined and brought to life on four collectable boxes.

This months box featured two full sized makeup products alongside a selection of travel minis and travel essentials. 

The first thing I saw when opening my box was this little pack of Proper Corn - Lightly salted .. Woo to healthy snacks!

I also received:

Hairon - Zero Crease Hair Tie 
Full size: £3.99

No damage, no kinks and THEY'RE PASTEL PINK!! The spiral design on these hair ties isn't the cutest thing but it is practical. Those of you with long hair will know the frustration of whipping your hair out of a top knot its been sat in for hours in the hope the words 'because I'm worth it' will finally belong in your mouth when instead you end up rocking the not so cute kinky hairstyle. These ties stop this completely and have allowed a smooth transition from troll doll to "because I'm worth it" all week. These ties also help to prevent damage. I am forever ripping hair ties and clumps of the matted mess I like to call my hair from my head. This has lead to more split ends than I care to acknowledge and so many flyaways. The smooth finish on these ties actually prevents them from rubbing against the surface of your hair preventing any damage. Heres to longer, thicker, fuller hair.

Absolute New York Velvet Lippie - Lolita
Full size: £4.93

Everyone is going crazy for Matte Liquid Lipsticks right now and I am no exception to that rule, meaning I was so happy to see this as one of my full sized products in this months Glossybox. I received the shade Lolita which is a pale dusky pink with a blue undertone, looking almost lilac in some lighting. As much as I love them I find matte formulas can be quite drying, but this formula is a little different. The lightly whipped texture is butter soft and even when set into its matte finish it isn't drying.

Hawaiian Tropic Protective Dry Oil SPF 15
Full Size: £13.99

Being as pasty as I am, during the warmer months me and suncream are BFFs and as much as it saves my skin I hate it. I hate the sticky, greasy feeling it often leaves. This water resistant dry oil is completely different. After applying, my skin felt smooth and moisturised but without any greasy residue. Living in the UK and being a broke ass student that waved goodbye to any chance of holiday when I submitted my application to university, I've not actually had a chance to test the protective properties of this product (it does say it protects against UVA and UVB rays) but, as soon as the sun comes out of hiding, I will for sure be reaching for this product. The only thing I'm not sure on is the scent. The formula is a blend of cocoa butter, coconut oil and vitamin C (to nourish your skin) with a coconut and guava scent - I EXPECTED SUCH GOOD THINGS! when actually, I kinda smelt like one of those candles you burn in the garden to stop yourself being eaten alive by mosquitos. The smell was slightly more bearable 5-10 minutes after applying but still not the heavenly aroma I expected.

Bee Good Youth Enhancing Plump & Firm Moisturiser 
Full Size: £23.50

Even if I had hated everything in this months glossy box this one product would have made it worthwhile! The natural ingredients within this moisturiser aim to hydrate, fight visible signs of ageing and give the skin a youthful glow. As soon as I hit 21 I felt old. I was terrified I would wake up with my boobs round my ankles and lines as deep as my uni debt so anything that claims to plump, firm and smooth has my full attention. I've been using this everyday, morning and evening and I can honestly say that i've seen an improvement in my skins appearance. Usually, I hate over priced beauty products but with this, I would be very tempted to pay full price although, I saw sooo many products by this brand in Tk Maxx this weekend for £6.99 so keep an eye out!

 Revlon Super Length Mascara
Full Price: £9.99

This was my second full size product in this months Glossybox. Usually, with a product like this you're able to choose which you'd prefer. Revlon have actually brought out five mascaras in this range, each does something slightly different. Because I was new to Glossybox they actually decided for me. This product is pretty decent. The wand isn't plastic - HALLELUJAH - and the formula does exactly what it says.. lots and lots of length. Personally, when choosing mascara I always opt for a volumnising formula so this version of the product isn't really for me but I will definitely be picking this up again, just the formula designed for volume instead.

Overall, my first impressions of Glossybox have been great and I've loved every product I've received.

I'll be doing another post when I receive my June Glossybox but in the meantime, if you decide you want to subscribe then I've left a link for you below!

Subscribe to Glossybox here

Knowing what's important

Sunday, 13 March 2016

When you take a moment to sit back and watch the world, you realise how everyone around you is constantly rushing. 

We're so obsessed with completing the mundane tasks of everyday life that we miss out on all of the moments that make us truly happy. 

Being in a long distance relationship means I travel home whenever I can, but being a student also means that whenever I do travel home, my work comes with me.

After another 4 weeks without seeing my my boyfriend I finally found a gap in my crazy timetable that allowed  me to travel home for a long weekend. The only problem was it happened to fall on the last weekend before my deadline meaning all my notes and books would be making the 6 hour coach journey back to Kent with me.

Because we rarely get to spend time together we always try to do as much as we possibly can meaning my 4 days at home were full of plans, whilst I tried to fit my essay writing around everything. 

I found myself lying in bed beside Ant, my family all sat downstairs, not talking to either of them but instead, typing away on my Macbook trying to hit a 2000 word limit on an essay.

Id waited four weeks to spend some time with everyone I love and I wasn't doing that at all. Id wasted an entire evening trying to write an essay I had no care for, an essay I was getting no enjoyment from because it needed to be finished. A mundane task that needed to be completed over memories that would last a lifetime. 

I decided to pack up my notes, put my macbook away and not touch them until I returned to Bournemouth.

I ended up having the best weekend, allowing conversations and days out to take as long as they took. I wasn't putting pressure on myself or those around me to have things done within a certain time. And guess what? I even hit my word count 12 hours before I needed to hand in.

I think we force ourselves to do too much of what makes us unhappy because we see it as a necessity. But you know what? So what if you have hours of work left to do. If your best friend is crying go comfort them, if your boyfriend is upset go give him a hug, if your mums had a shitty day and wants to spend two hours ranting about things you know nothing about sit with her and let her talk. Go out when your family want to do something. Make memories with the people that love you.

Don't miss out on life because of the demands of work or school. 

Stop what you're doing. It will wait. It'll still be there when you get back.

You get one chance at life, make sure its full of memories and not what ifs.

Make sure you are truly living.

Especially when its with people you love.

Is University for me?

Sunday, 6 March 2016

So what happens when your dream suddenly isn't your dream anymore? When you finally accomplish that one goal you've had set your whole life and it just doesn't feel right?
Before I even knew what I wanted to study at university I knew I that I wanted it to be at AUB so when I was finally offered a place on their BA (Hons) Makeup for Media & Performance course, it finally felt like everything was falling into place for me.

Very early into 2015 I was feeling a little lost. Everyone around me had already figured out who they wanted to be and what they wanted to do and I still had no idea. I felt as though my life had become stagnant. It just felt as though I  wasn't investing anything into myself. The person I saw in the mirror wasn't the person i'd hoped to be. It was like looking in the mirror and seeing the reflection of a stranger. The thing that bothered me most was the feeling of missing connections. I was existing in a little bubble; everything was a little repetitive and a little mundane. 

For me, connections could only be created by getting out and experiencing the world. I needed to live rather than exist. I needed to connect with the world. It was as though my soul was reaching out with nothing to make contact with. I needed new places and new people. I also needed to put myself on a path that would actually lead somewhere. It was like looking through the wrong end of a telescope. Everything looked so narrow and far away. I needed something that would turn that around. Something that would open up my view of the world and my prospects. 

I've always aspired to go to university so it felt like the right step for me to be taking. I was so in love with Bournemouth and AUB that not once did I consider the possibility that I would hate the whole experience yet 2 months into the degree that’s exactly where I found myself.

The course was so intense I found that everything I was doing involving makeup was now pressured and forced. When I wasn't in uni I was sat in my room constantly working in an attempt to stay on top of my work load, something that I still struggled to do despite having no time to myself.

I also began to look to the future. With artistic career aspirations nothing is ever guaranteed. With such specialized industries jobs can be so few and far between. The potential instability I was setting myself up for began to scare me, something I’m sure every artist has experienced at some point in their journey.

When I finally got to go home for Christmas everything felt different for me. I hated being broke, I despised the intensity of everything and I was scared by the prospect of achieving nothing at the end of the whole thing. Speaking to my makeup girls we decided that maybe, after everything, turning a hobby into a career was potentially the worst thing we could have done.

Looking at how little enjoyment I was getting from the course coupled with being surrounded by people I love throughout the festivities of Christmas I decided I wanted to quit. I messaged the girls, contacted the uni and when I packed my bags to return to Bournemouth I had every intention of the return being temporary... yet, 3 months on from this point I’m still here in Bournemouth. 

Every time I’d fall asleep certain that quitting was the right thing to do I’d wake up feeling uneasy. Something just didn’t feel right and being someone that tends to rely on gut feeling for almost every decision I make, I just couldn’t bring myself to actually quit.

For a while I still wasn't sure that what I was doing was right for me but little by little I began to fall back in love with the subject. I decided to stop stressing and just take each day as it comes and gradually things have got better. 

If you fall out of love with something you adore, don’t be afraid to walk away. Things change and life changes but also be sure to give yourself time. Sometimes feelings are temporary and even when your heart decides its not as invested in something as it once was, its not always going to be that way for ever. 

A lot of people experience these feelings when they first begin university and for some people, quitting is the making of them. Don’t be scared to reevaluate a life choice even if at one time, it was everything you wanted. Whatever feels right for you at the time usually is.

   I guess the main purpose to this post is a note to my self. As a little reminder.  If you no longer love something don’t force it. Don’t be afraid to walk away from something despite having no clue what your next step will be and most importantly... always trust your gut.

I still have moments where I hate how my degree makes me feel but when I think ahead and realize the potential career I could have everything feels right. And I guess maybe, just maybe after everything, I’m beginning to enjoy it just a little bit. 

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