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Knowing what's important

Sunday, 13 March 2016

When you take a moment to sit back and watch the world, you realise how everyone around you is constantly rushing. 

We're so obsessed with completing the mundane tasks of everyday life that we miss out on all of the moments that make us truly happy. 

Being in a long distance relationship means I travel home whenever I can, but being a student also means that whenever I do travel home, my work comes with me.

After another 4 weeks without seeing my my boyfriend I finally found a gap in my crazy timetable that allowed  me to travel home for a long weekend. The only problem was it happened to fall on the last weekend before my deadline meaning all my notes and books would be making the 6 hour coach journey back to Kent with me.

Because we rarely get to spend time together we always try to do as much as we possibly can meaning my 4 days at home were full of plans, whilst I tried to fit my essay writing around everything. 

I found myself lying in bed beside Ant, my family all sat downstairs, not talking to either of them but instead, typing away on my Macbook trying to hit a 2000 word limit on an essay.

Id waited four weeks to spend some time with everyone I love and I wasn't doing that at all. Id wasted an entire evening trying to write an essay I had no care for, an essay I was getting no enjoyment from because it needed to be finished. A mundane task that needed to be completed over memories that would last a lifetime. 

I decided to pack up my notes, put my macbook away and not touch them until I returned to Bournemouth.

I ended up having the best weekend, allowing conversations and days out to take as long as they took. I wasn't putting pressure on myself or those around me to have things done within a certain time. And guess what? I even hit my word count 12 hours before I needed to hand in.

I think we force ourselves to do too much of what makes us unhappy because we see it as a necessity. But you know what? So what if you have hours of work left to do. If your best friend is crying go comfort them, if your boyfriend is upset go give him a hug, if your mums had a shitty day and wants to spend two hours ranting about things you know nothing about sit with her and let her talk. Go out when your family want to do something. Make memories with the people that love you.

Don't miss out on life because of the demands of work or school. 

Stop what you're doing. It will wait. It'll still be there when you get back.

You get one chance at life, make sure its full of memories and not what ifs.

Make sure you are truly living.

Especially when its with people you love.

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