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20 week update and gender reveal

Sunday, 13 November 2016

So today i'm 21 weeks +1 and last week we found out we're having a little boy!! 

Throughout my first trimester I was adamant I was having a boy but over the last few weeks this changed and I was convinced we'd be having a little girl. I wasn't even looking at boys clothes! I'd always said that as long as our baby was happy I'd be happy no matter what, but its still taken some time to get used to the fact i'd be having a boy.

Ant was desperate for a boy as soon as we found out I was pregnant so he's over the moon and with me being one of four girls my family are so excited to finally have a little boy in the mix!

We're currently under the Foetal Medicine Unit due to my past medical history but so far everything is perfectly healthy!

 Our boy decided to be a little wriggler during our anomaly scan so we're back in next week to monitor his growth and to finish looking at his heart as she wasn't able to get an in depth look due to his position, although we were told that at a glance, everything appeared to be normal!

How I'm feeling...

For the last 3 weeks I've felt great! I have far more energy and all of the symptoms I experienced within my first trimester have disappeared. 


I've been experiencing pain in my hips along with pain in my sciatic nerve. 

I've also been experienceing frequent headaches. From weeks 13-15 I was experiencing them almost every day and paracetamol wasn't helping to ease the pain at all. They're far more occasional now but are still pretty intense when they do decide to make an appearance. 

Although fairly normal with a growing bump i've been experiencing both sharp and cramping pains in my stomach. I've been reassured the pain is due to my ligaments stretching as my bump grows but I definitely underestimated how frequently i'd experience the pains.

How I'm changing...

I definitely have a neat little bump now but the size fluctuates day to day. Some days I do just look a little bloated, other days I feel huge! When the bump is more noticeable my tummy can be pretty uncomfortable.

So far I've been fairly lucky and haven't found any new stretch marks since the first trimester. The ones I do have sit on my hips and at the very top of my thighs!


 I'm still sleeping relatively well although I'm waking frequently throughout the night to pee! My stomach is starting to feel a little uncomfortable when I lie on my side and I keep throwing my leg over ant to help lift my belly a little so I'm in desperate need of a pregnancy pillow now. 


I experienced a couple of ripples quite early on but was a little unsure as to whether they were movements. They gradually increased and now Im feeling a lot of movement and little kicks. He seems to be getting stronger every day and this evening Ant was able to feel him kick for the first time which I was so desperate for him to experience!


Orange has been one of my only cravings so far, particularly Fanta. Although the craving has eased a little now, at one point Ant was having to take a nightly trip to McDonalds to buy me two large Fantas' to drink before I went to bed. 


The only smell that still repulses me is Dior Sauvage. Ant has had to ditch his permanently and if I walk past anyone wearing it in public it makes me sick almost instantly. 

Looking forward to...

The thing I'm looking forward to the most is organising a room for our little boy. At the moment we're still with Ants mum so we're going to begin preparing a room for him here however, early next year we're hoping to be in a position that means we'll be able to get our own little home in which case, we'll be decorating all over again to give him a permanent bedroom!

I think I'm planning on doing pregnancy updates every 4 weeks with a couple of 'normal' posts dotted in between (I really am going to try to not abandon this little space again) so hopefully, I will see you then for some more baby news! 

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