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24 Week Pregnancy Update!

Thursday, 22 December 2016

So at 26 weeks Im finally getting around to posting my 24 week update...

So much has changed since my last post which is why i've been so shit and absent again!

After falling pregnant unexpectedly and having to defer my 2nd year of university I didnt have a secure or reliable job. I was working as a carer for an agency and as soon as they found out I was pregnant they decided that there were no longer shifts available for me.

I started applying for jobs and have secured a permanent position that I start training for in January, how i managed it at 6 months pregnant i have no idea but I'm so happy!

Until I start my training i've taken on a full time retail position just for the Christmas period which is crazy but as long as I know I'm earning money and securing a future for our little boy then I don't care how crazy it is.

How I'm Feeling...

I'm really really tired but I think thats because i've been working such long hours. Other than that, most days I feel completely fine.


The pain in my sciatic nerve has continued on and off and i think the fact I'm on my feet for 8hrs a day whilst working probably isn't helping the problem!

For the last week or so I've had such bad heartburn! Gaviscon is my best friend right now. Ive also starting becoming really uncomfortable in the evenings particularly around my ribs which makes moving around really difficult and uncomfortable!

How I'm changing...

I have such a neat little bump now which I absolutely love!

Still no stretch marks on my bump, the only new ones I have are a couple around the back of my knees.


Im still sleeping well, although I'm feeling exhausted as soon as I wake up. I've started sleeping with a pregnancy pillow and Its made things 10x more comfortable! Although those regular trips to pee are still as annoying and as frequent as before!


I can feel movement throughout most of the day now! The kicks are so strong and I can now see my belly moving as he moves which is so surreal!


So over the last week or so Ive been craving sponges and flannels. I run them under the tap and suck the water out of them.. Its so weird and I have no idea why Im craving it!


Dior Sauvage is still the only aversion I have and working on a fragrance counter over Christmas has definitely put the strength of my stomach to the test!

Looking forward too...

Now we have a little more stability financially Im really looking forward to us getting everything ready for his nursery here, and then next year, a little sooner than we thought, moving into our own little home!

Ive finally got a list of the last few (I say few, the list is huuuge!) things we need to get and I can't wait to slowly start crossing them off bit by bit!

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