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31 week update & 4D baby scan

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Myself and Ant were lucky enough to be gifted a 4D baby scan by my parents for Christmas and at 31 weeks it was finally time for us to get to see our tiny human!

Our scan was booked with Window to the womb, Maidstone and in all honesty the whole experience was a little bittersweet. 

I loved the fact we were allowed guests, meaning my parents and sisters were able to come along with us and I honestly don't think anything could've spoilt the experience of finally being able to put a face to the tiny little person I've been growing for the last 7 months. 


The whole experience with window to the womb seemed a little impersonal. 
There was no interaction or conversation at all. They didn't ask questions about the baby, they didn't really explain anything that was on the screen (my poor dad didn't have a clue what he was looking at half  the time)  and as a private, paid for scan I really felt that the experience should have been tailored to you. The package we chose was also supposed to confirm the gender but this wasn't done, nor were we asked whether we would like it to be done..

When the scan comes to an end you're simply told to go upstairs to choose your images whilst the next customer has their scan. 

Of course I wanted to see my baby and I wanted to choose pictures to take home but I think the point that 'Window to the Womb' missed is that, that baby is our son. That was the first time we got to see what he looked like and it was the first time we got to put a face to the name we've had chosen for so long and they didn't really acknowledge that at all. I understand its their job and they probably see thousands of babies but for each person going into that room its a little more than that.

Our images are beautiful and I would 100% go and experience it all again just for those photos I'm just a little disappointed that for such an expensive experience, we felt a little let down by the service we received.

We chose to have the VIB baby scan which costs £130 and includes:

A wellbeing check & optional gender

A full 10 minute scan

A full recording of the 4d scan

All digital images on a USB

Six 6x4 prints

Two 8x10 prints 

2 Keyrings

I honestly can't fault the images at all and finally being able to see his face was such an incredible experience, I just feel that 'Window to the Womb' needs to make each persons experience a little more personal. Every pregnancy is different, every baby is different and to each person that walks into that consultation room that baby is probably the most important person in their world. 

If you want to check out window to the womb yourself then you can do so here

I honestly can't believe that i'm at 31 weeks already I feel like this whole experience has gone by so quickly!

We've finally been discharged from foetal medicine meaning there won't be any restrictions to my birth plan! The only check I still need to have is around 36 weeks because my placenta is sitting relatively low and they want to see whether its moved up on its own and if it hasn't whether its going to affect the birth at all.

How I'm Feeling... 

In general I'm actually feeling pretty okay at the moment. I've started my new job and although I love it and I'm so lucky to have been given the opportunity, the hours are pretty intense, even more so at 7 months pregnant and I'm exhausted. I can't wait for my maternity leave! Im going to try and work up until 2 weeks before my due date so I have another 6 weeks to go and then I can finally rest! Everyones predicting he's going to make an early appearance I'm just hoping he waits it out until Im officially on leave!


My hips and back are still quite painful and i've been having a lot of trouble with my sciatic nerve. Im finding walking around seems to help a little and Ant has been amazing giving me massages every night before bed!

My heartburn has got even worse and I honestly think that my body is 98% Gaviscon right now! 

Over the last few days i've also noticed that by the end of the day my ankles have been swelling... pregnancy is so bloody glamorous! 

How I'm changing...

My bump seems to have had a little growth spurt and although so many people have told me I'm quite small for 31 weeks I feel huge and I'm still so uncomfortable! He's also sitting quite low for the majority of the time which makes me feel like I'm constantly needing to pee much to Ants annoyance whenever he tries to take me anywhere.

I still have no stretch marks on my tummy and no new stretch marks on my hips or legs. Every day I'm frantically checking my belly just waiting for them to appear. 


I've started to have more disturbed sleep now. Im waking a lot during the night and even when I don't have to be up I'm naturally waking up around 5 each morning. I'm also starting to have some really strange, vivid dreams!


He moves pretty much all day every day. Some of his movements are quite painful now and he seems to be a huge fan of poking me in the bladder and kicking me in the ribs! He also gets hiccups quite regularly now which is such a strange feeling but feeling him move is still so surreal to me, I love it!


My cravings have been so strange lately! Im craving bleach... yep. bleach. Obviously I can't drink it so instead Im cleaning constantly just so that I'm able to smell it! I'm also still craving sponges and flannels. I soak them in warm water and then chew on them or suck the warm water out of them. I have absolutely no idea why and its so fucking weird but I cant stop!


There isn't really anything at the moment that Im hating which is good! Ant still can't wear his Sauvage but i've bought him a replacement aftershave to make it a little bit better.

Looking forward to...

I have my baby shower in a couple of weeks which I'm so excited for! 

His room is still a work in progress so I'm excited to finally have it all finished and set up for him!

MATERNITY LEAVE!! Im so tired i can't wait to finally go on leave and relax a little before we meet our tiny human! 

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